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Why IT Support is Vital for Your Small Business

30 July 2021

IT support is something that is vitally important to almost every business, but with so many different options and services to cover, it can be a daunting subject when it’s not something you have the time or expertise for.  

If you’re part of a small team, it’s even more crucial that you can focus fully on your business, knowing that your IT services and security is being taken care of. 

That’s where ICT Solutions can help. With offices in Liverpool, Carlisle and London, we’re able to offer nationwide coverage. Our team of expert engineers can also provide rapid response times to resolve your IT issues.

We have three different tiers of IT support available depending on your unique needs and the size of your business. Many find that our Bronze package is comprehensive enough as it comes with unlimited remote support, but Silver and Gold upgrades are also available for businesses with more requirements.

So why is it so crucial that you have reliable IT support in place for your small business?

1. ADded peace of mind

Running a business when you’re just a small team is hard work. But with dedicated IT support and management, you can focus on the day to day aspects of your business, knowing you’re benefiting from world-class managed IT and cloud services.

We constantly monitor both your system and the world of IT to anticipate any problems on the horizon so you don’t have to. You will often only know about any problems when we notify you about the issue and its solution!

2. Benefit from dedicated expertise 

With so much to consider from an IT support point of view, it can be overwhelming to think about which areas need your attention. With our team of highly skilled engineers, you can rest assured that we have the necessary knowledge and skills to look after your business security from all angles.

3. JOIN your different requirements together

Do you need help with connectivity services such as data cabling, wireless networks or managed firewalls? Or are you looking for cyber security support in the form of disaster recovery plans or data backups

Sometimes, it can be hard to know what you need! Here at ICT Solutions, we offer a wide variety of services to keep you connected and safe – and we take care of linking it all together! 

4. See exactly where you’re at

When we take on new customers, our engineers provide a detailed service check to fix any faults and document your entire network – completely free of charge. 

This ensures we have a clean slate to start our work and create the most comprehensive support package for your individual business needs.

5. We can support your business’ growth

If you’re a small business and hoping to grow, our managed IT and Cloud support can help you on your journey. With an evolving road map in place for each business we manage, we recommend this is included in your overall business plan so that it’s at the forefront of how you work.

If your business needs change as you grow, we can help support you every step of the way, with a clear fixed monthly cost.

ICT Solutions are your it department, your it manager and your it business partner

At ICT Solutions, we care about customers and the managed IT service we give them, covering every aspect of consultancy, infrastructure design, sourcing, installation and on-going support. 

If you would benefit from reliable and efficient IT support, please get in touch today to discuss how we could create a bespoke package for your organisation.