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8 Myths About Managed Firewalls

3 July 2024

When you’re running a business, your focus is usually on growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. However, lurking in the shadows of these goals are potential cybersecurity threats that can undermine all your efforts. Managed firewalls stand out as a robust solution among the arsenal of tools available to fortify your digital defences.

A managed firewall is a service provided by IT professionals, which includes services like setting up, maintaining, and monitoring firewall infrastructure. Firewalls act as gatekeepers for your network, controlling incoming and outgoing traffic based on a set of security rules to protect your business from cyber threats.

Despite their effectiveness, misconceptions about managed firewalls persist, often misleading business owners. Let’s debunk these myths so you can make informed decisions about protecting your business.

Firewalls Are Only Necessary for Large Businesses

Many small and medium-sized business owners believe that firewalls are complex structures needed only by large corporations with vast data and high stakes. In reality, cybercriminals often target small and medium-sized businesses because they tend to have weaker security measures.

Data shows that nearly half of small and mid-sized businesses worldwide (48%) have reported at least one cybersecurity incident in the past year. So, regardless of size, your business needs a managed firewall to safeguard its network and data.

Firewalls Can Block All Threats and Cyber Attacks

It’s a myth that firewalls can block all threats and cyber-attacks. While a managed firewall is a powerful tool for securing your network, it’s not foolproof. Firewalls control incoming and outgoing network traffic based on security rules, but they are just one part of a layered defence strategy.

You also need other security measures, like antivirus software and intrusion detection systems, to protect your business comprehensively. Relying solely on a firewall leaves gaps in your defence, making your system vulnerable to sophisticated cyber threats.

Firewalls Are Expensive

The belief that firewalls are expensive is a myth. Managed firewalls, in particular, are cost-effective because they eliminate the need for large upfront investments. Providers such as ourselves offer managed firewall services without capital expenses, installation costs, or management overheads.

This makes advanced security accessible even if you’re operating with a limited budget. A managed firewall provides enterprise-level protection at a fraction of the cost, safeguarding your business’s network without straining your finances.

Firewalls Slow Things Down

The idea that firewalls slow down your network is a myth. Modern managed firewalls are designed to handle large traffic volumes efficiently with minimal impact on speed. At ICT Solutions, we use advanced technology from FortiNet or DrayTek, ensuring that your firewall manages security without compromising network performance.

We also ensure that firewalls are properly configured and updated to maintain peak performance. This means you can enjoy robust protection from cyber threats while maintaining fast and reliable network speeds.

Firewalls Are Only Needed for External Threats

The myth that firewalls are only necessary for external threats overlooks their role in internal security. While firewalls protect against attacks from outside your network, they also monitor and control internal traffic. This capability is crucial for preventing insider threats and managing how data moves within your network.

By setting specific rules, a managed firewall can detect and block suspicious activity from within, helping to prevent data leaks and other internal security breaches. Ensure your firewall is configured to safeguard against both external and internal risks to ensure comprehensive security for your business.

A Firewall Is All That’s Needed for Cybersecurity

Thinking a firewall is all you need for cybersecurity is a myth. While essential, firewalls are just one part of a multi-layered defence strategy. They manage network traffic effectively but cannot detect malware inside files or prevent phishing attacks.

To combat various cyber threats effectively, you also need antivirus software, encryption tools, endpoint protection, secure backup solutions, and employee training. A layered approach ensures that if one defence fails, others will still protect your data. So, instead of relying solely on a firewall, ensure your business has a full suite of security measures for robust protection.

A Firewall Is the Same as Anti-Virus

The idea that a firewall is the same as antivirus software is a myth. Firewalls and antivirus programs serve different purposes in cybersecurity. A firewall acts as a gatekeeper for your network, controlling incoming and outgoing traffic based on predefined security rules to prevent unauthorised access. 

In contrast, antivirus software scans and protects your systems from malware by detecting, preventing, and removing malicious software. Both are crucial but handle distinct aspects of security. For comprehensive protection, you need a managed firewall and robust antivirus software.

Firewalls Don’t Require Updates

Once installed, some believe that firewalls will continue to provide optimal protection without further intervention. However, like any security technology, firewalls need regular updates to respond to new cyber threats and vulnerabilities. 

These updates are crucial for maintaining your firewall’s effectiveness against the constantly evolving landscape of cyber-attacks. A managed firewall service ensures that your firewall’s software is always up-to-date without requiring you to manually handle these updates.

Partner With ICT Solutions for Reliable Managed Firewalls Services

Understanding and dispelling myths about managed firewalls is key to enhancing your business’s cybersecurity strategy. By recognising firewalls’ true capabilities and limitations, you can make informed decisions that bolster your defences. If you’re seeking comprehensive IT and cybersecurity support, consider ICT Solutions

We provide tailored IT services in Liverpool and across the UK, including state-of-the-art managed firewall solutions. Our service ensures your business is protected with round-the-clock monitoring and advanced security features like premium content filtering, without any capital expense. Contact us today to secure your network and keep your business safe.