Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Azure is Microsoft’s platform of over 200 cloud services and products, covering everything from data storage to the development and deployment of custom web applications, tailored to your needs.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is highly flexible. It supports all industries and organisations, from e-commerce to manufacturing, is completely scalable and also compatible with open source technologies, allowing you to use any of your preferred tools.

ICT Solutions has many years’ experience of working with this powerful resource and can advise how you should use it to meet your goals and manage challenges. Best of all, Microsoft charges for Azure on a pay-as-you-go basis, charging monthly only for what you use, so you can manage your outlay closely.


Virtual servers

These are computer files that replicate all the functionality of physical servers without requiring the additional hardware. Most importantly, a virtual server is isolated from its physical host, so they are useful for testing beta releases or running software that is not compatible with the rest of your system.

Windows Virtual Desktops

Secure remote working has enabled many businesses to survive during the COVID lockdowns. Many argue it’s here to stay. Windows Virtual Desktops delivers Windows 10 desktops on any device, in any place. The deployment and management of your infrastructure is simple and you’re protected by built-in intelligent security.

Active Directory

If there is a downside to having such a rich resource as Azure, it is managing its usage. Having to register a separate user name and password for every different package you operate can become a hassle for staff, never mind your Azure administrator. Cue Active Directory, which allocates a singe user and password to each person, which they can use to access the whole array of Azure tools.


With Intune, you control how all your organisation’s mobile devices are used, including phones, laptops and tablets. For example, you can set your email system to not allow any messages to be sent externally. Alternatively, your staff can safely use their personal devices for work, as Intune can isolate organisational data from personal information.

Auto Pilot

This provides a more reliable and labour-saving way of deploying Windows and applications to devices, so you can forget about the time-consuming bugbear of manually installing Windows operating systems on new machines. You can also use Windows Autopilot to reset, repurpose, and recover devices, with little or no infrastructure to manage.

Data Protection

The essential task of protecting your data is performed by Azure Backup. It’s a one-click solution which protects a wide array of data sources including Azure Virtual Machines, SQL, SAP databases and Azure file shares. It’s scalable to match your needs and your entire back up estate can be managed from a single console.

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