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The Importance of Managed IT Support

Managed IT support is both beneficial and important to the vast majority of businesses. If you feel that it is a luxury you can't afford, think again. Here at ICT Solutions we offer managed IT support that is comprehensive and affordable enough for even small businesses. Just think how productive you could be if you had your own IT department taking care of the...

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Why Hosted Telecoms Are Beneficial For Businesses

The internet has only become more and more integral to daily life since its invention, to the point where much of our personal and business lives are reliant on an internet connection. A lot of our IT infrastructure is hosted via the cloud and there are many benefits to this including more efficient performance and productivity. The cloud is super fast and...

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Introducing Our New Security Services For Your Business Premises

Security in all of its forms is vital for businesses. It’s not just cyber security that should be a concern, but also physically securing your business premises with business security systems. We’ve discussed cyber security a lot in the past and it’s one of our specialities as we provide protection to all devices in the form of firewalls, password management,...

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Adidas Become The Latest Victims Of Cyber Attack

Yet again, the latest news shows that no matter how big an organisation is it can still fall victim to cyber attacks and security breaches. Adidas, one of the largest sportswear brands in the world, has recently revealed a security breach in which personal data of their US customers has been stolen by cyber hackers. This latest incident reiterates the need for...

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EU Copyright Law Rejected by European Parliament

Online privacy and copyright laws have been significantly shaken up in recent months, particularly with the introduction of new GDPR legislation. This alone is changing the way we use the internet, or more specifically how internet entities can use our data and how much control we have over its use. Copyright law is the latest area of internet law to be thrown...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Computing Services

You may have heard the term ‘cloud computing’ floating about in relation to new methods of managing IT infrastructure and software. You might not know it but you’re probably already use the cloud in one way or another on one of your devices, whether for music streaming or photo storage. Cloud computing has barely been around for two decades so whether you’re a...

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Proposed EU Copyright Law That Would Change The Internet

Less than a month after the EU’s much discussed GDPR policy came into effect - flooding everyone’s inboxes with opt-in emails in the process - the European governing body has voted in favour of legislation that would overhaul existing EU internet copyright law. Initially drafted by the European Commission in 2016, this proposal was designed to bring copyright...

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The Benefits of Upgrading Your Business Hardware

Technology is rapidly changing, with computer hardware constantly evolving to become faster and more reliable. Solid IT infrastructure is the backbone of any business as it stores important data and enables efficient communication. There’s no room for slow and outdated computer systems when it comes to business, as every delay can potentially impact your bottom...

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