How to Stop Human Error Impacting Your Cyber Security

With a large section of the population working at home due to the current coronavirus restrictions, many businesses have been forced to look at the cyber security measures they currently have in place.  Surprisingly, data from the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), which was analysed by the cyber security awareness company Cybsafe in 2019, found that...

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Make It Your New Year’s Resolution to Keep Your Data Safe

Each of us has a wealth of online accounts, whether it's for internet banking, purchasing goods or sharing updates with friends and family. And due to the current pandemic, you may be shopping and communicating online more than ever before.  According to research conducted last year by password manager, NordPass, the average person has between 70 - 80 passwords...

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Case Study: Axia Group

The Client - Axia Group. - Website: - Head office in Liverpool, with additional offices in London and Los Angeles. - A boutique firm specialising in accounting and taxation services for people in the music, TV, film, media and sports industries.    The Challenge To support continued growth and to assist with their move to new premises,...

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Cyber Threats That Small Businesses Are Facing Right Now

Since the start of March, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the working lives of employees all over the world. In order to contain the virus, millions of workers have been forced into remote working, creating incredibly difficult challenges for business leaders in terms of cyber security.  In our previous article, we highlighted how there has been a...

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How Do I Know If Someone Is Hacking My Computer?

Computer hacks are becoming more and more frequent, with a particular increase over the past year amidst the global coronavirus pandemic. But how can you tell if your computer has been hacked?     Here are some of the main signs: Frequent pop-ups. If you start seeing pop-ups in your web browser (and they often appear in sites that don’t usually generate...

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How to Minimise Your Digital Footprint

Do you ever worry about your “digital footprint”? If you’re not familiar with the term, it can be defined as ‘information about a person that exists on the Internet as a result of their online activity’. Whether it’s making online purchases or posting on Facebook, you’re leaving a trace wherever you go.  Digital footprints don’t just attract hackers,...

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Returning to the Office – a Cyber Security Checklist

It’s been almost six months since lockdown began, and things are slowly getting back to the way they were before the coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses have had their employees working from home since March, but are now encouraging them to return to the office.  If you’re one of the organisations doing just that, you presumably have various measures in place...


Why Access Control is Now More Important Than Ever

2020 will always be remembered as the year when everything changed. For many businesses, remote working became a lifeline at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic — now, workers are slowly going back to the office and returning to a ‘new norm’.  While this return presents many new challenges for business owners and staff, we know that a good access control...

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