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ICT Solutions Completes Cyber Essentials Certificate

ICT Solutions aims to put the best practices into place to stop cyber attacks from occuring, which is why we’re thrilled to have completed the Cyber Essentials Certificate. Cyber Essentials accesses the systems, security and policies that we have in place to protect against cyber hackers. The Cyber Essentials Certificate shows our commitment to cyber security,...

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Does Your Business Lack Adequate Cyber Security?

We’ve discussed cyber security a lot over recent weeks as we want to stress the importance of having an efficient and proactive IT support system that fully protects your business from cyber security issues. With recent findings showing that businesses do not have the knowledge and expertise to protect themselves from cyber attacks, the need for professional...

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Network Support and Managed Broadband in Liverpool

The Baltic Triangle is a vibrant business area of Liverpool so it’s vital to have fast broadband in this fast paced digital era we live in. In the past, Liverpool City Centre has been known for its notoriously slow broadband speed. However, recent developments by internet exchange company IX Liverpool and Baltic Broadband have significantly improved the...

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How Managed IT Support Can Encourage Business Growth

Running a business takes a lot of hard work and dedication and often involves a considerable amount of prioritisation and difficult decision making. However, growth is almost always a priority and, although you may think that managing your business’s own IT infrastructure is the best path, this can often lead to IT falling down a long list of more immediate...

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Intel Computer Chip Bug Update

Regarding IT security news, we recently discussed the security flaws that were found in Intel and AMD computer chips in a previous blog post. To recap, both Intel and AMD computer chips (accounting for roughly 90% of personal computers in the world) were revealed to have serious bugs that exposed users' personal information such as customer data, passwords, and...

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Hackers Strike the 2018 Winter Olympics

Cyber security is an issue that doesn’t seem to be fading away in the new year as recent news shows that yet another cyber attack has targeted a high profile organisation, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018.   Who are the culprits? McAfee has revealed that next month’s Winter Olympics 2018 games have been targeted by hackers who have attempted to steal...

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Serious and Widespread Computer Chip Bugs Exposed

Computer chips from world leading manufacturers including Intel and AMD have been found to contain a security flaw that could compromise computer security and allow hackers to steal the personal data of users.   What is the flaw? There are two different bugs that have been discovered in this reveal, known as ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ respectively....

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5 Ways an IT Support Company Can Help Your Business in 2018

The new year is just around the corner and we’re gearing up for another year of helping our customers with all of their IT needs, from on-site installations to remote support. However, you might still be wondering how an IT support company can help your business operate or grow so we’ve put together 5 reasons to consider coming to us for IT support in 2018....

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Case Study: An Inventive Wi-Fi Fix

We’re passionate about providing solutions to our customers’ IT problems, no matter how difficult they might be. Our expertise in IT support means that we’re great at picking up on where the weaknesses are in our customers’ systems and our talented engineers can handle any challenge, from network support to installing hardware. This case study from one of our...

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Government Issues Warning About Russian Anti-Virus Software, Kaspersky Lab

The UK Government has recently issued a warning over a popular anti-virus software, Kaspersky Lab. Based in Moscow, Kaspersky has been accused of having links to the Russian State and fears are centred around the safety of the data they collect. All About Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab are one of the largest multinational anti-virus and cybersecurity providers in...

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