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The Benefits of Fully Managed IT Services

Having a reliable IT system is crucial for most businesses, big or small. In an ever-evolving technological landscape, many organisations are turning to managed services for all of their IT needs. We’re going to talk you through the benefits of managed IT services, and explain what we can offer here at ICT Solutions.
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Why Your Business Needs CCTV

Whilst the main point of CCTV is to help prevent or lower crime, there are also other business benefits to installing this type of system. We’re going to discuss the advantages of CCTV installation, and explain the range of services we offer here at ICT Solutions.
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Is it Time for Your Business to Move to the Cloud?

Whether it’s storing your photos on iCloud if you’re an iPhone user, or creating documents in Google Drive, you’ve probably used cloud storage services to some capacity on a personal level. But what about using cloud services for your business? Instead of downloading software onto your own server, you can now use it over the internet. You can also store your...

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Google Announces a New Tool to Help You Identify Fake Websites

The internet can often be a dangerous place. With cyberattacks and email scams on the rise, users are becoming more and more cautious when doing their online shopping, internet banking and other finance-related activities. A significant issue that web users face is fraudulent websites making their URLs look legitimate by creating lookalike sites. These scam...

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The Rise of Door Entry System Technology

Find out about the increase of door entry system technology, and what ICT Solutions can do to help keep your building or business secure. Growing technology With the rapid rise of Alexa and other services over the last 18 months, it appears that Amazon shows no sign of stopping. Only recently at the 2019 CES Conference, the company released details about its...

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A Guide to GDPR from a Business Perspective

GDPR - otherwise known as the General Data Protection Regulation - is a set of EU regulations that have been in practice since 25th May last year. But nearly eight months on, some businesses are still unsure about certain aspects of the new rules. We have produced a brief GDPR guide to answer some of these questions, and offer advice on how you can avoid...

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How to Improve Your Cyber Security in 2019

The TSB IT outage has been ongoing since April and just last weekend the bank was hit with another IT meltdown which affected millions of customers and forced the CEO, Paul Pester, to step down. This crisis is an example of how not to deal with IT glitches and the need for proper planning, testing and backup plans if all...

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Why You Shouldn’t Always Click Allow on Downloaded Apps

With new GDPR introduced this year we’re now bombarded with pop ups on every app and website we use, asking us to consent or allow these tech giants to use our data. These apps which are often free to download still have a price in the form of data. Apps are collecting personal data (sometimes without permission) and using it for targeted advertising, otherwise...

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