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The Impact of SaaS

A few years ago, it used to be the case that every request for a new device, application or piece of software had to run through a company’s IT department. Spring forward to 2019, and the rise of ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) has meant that many staff are now able to do it for themselves. This is just one of the many ways in which SaaS has reshaped business operations over the last few years. We’re going to delve further into its influence, and let you see how your business could benefit from utilising the delivery model.

Cybersecurity and the 5G Network

5G has been a hot topic in the news for the last few months. The fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity has promised us faster data download and upload speeds and wider coverage. Each year, we use more and more data, and we are using our mobile network for more demanding services, such as streaming or downloading videos. With download speeds estimated...

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Case Study: Duke Street Market

Earlier this year, we won a contract to supply Liverpool's new Duke Street Market with a range of bespoke IT services. Find out more about the project in our latest blog post.
building and ict work on the new duke street market in liverpool

Google Chrome Makes Extensions More Secure

A much needed privacy update With a market share of nearly 70%, Google Chrome is the world’s biggest web browser. As well as its speed and simplicity, Chrome is also favoured because of its extensive extension gallery. There are currently over 180,000 extensions available, but over the last few years, some have been found to be storing malware, spreading...

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The Cloud vs. Data Centre

There is sometimes confusion about the differences between cloud-based servers and data centres, so we’re going to explain the key components of each one. Ultimately, the cloud acts as a ‘virtual’ data centre—it functions in a similar way, but is based on the internet rather than in a physical location. As well as looking at the differences between the two,...

Clouds and a Data Centre

The Importance of Access Control Systems

A traditional ‘lock and key’ is something that has been used for thousands of years, but in today’s digital age, it’s important to think forward and consider new, more secure technologies that will protect our infrastructure, resources and staff. One solution for this is access control—an updated and effective method of looking after businesses. We’re going to...

A man using a biometric access system

NCSC Reveals the World’s Worst Passwords

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has recently published a list of the 100,000 most hacked passwords in the world. Find out whether yours are on the list, and take a look at our password recommendations to help keep your accounts safe.
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The Benefits of Fully Managed IT Services

Having a reliable IT system is crucial for most businesses, big or small. In an ever-evolving technological landscape, many organisations are turning to managed services for all of their IT needs. We’re going to talk you through the benefits of managed IT services, and explain what we can offer here at ICT Solutions.
image of a data centre and code flying around