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Why You Shouldn’t Always Click Allow on Downloaded Apps

With new GDPR introduced this year we’re now bombarded with pop ups on every app and website we use, asking us to consent or allow these tech giants to use our data. These apps which are often free to download still have a price in the form of data. Apps are collecting personal data (sometimes without permission) and using it for targeted advertising, otherwise...

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The Importance of Firewalls and Anti-virus Software

Anti-virus software has never been more important to businesses as it is now. That's a fact. Whether you place your choice of firewall and anti-virus at the top of your priority list or not, it is worth acknowledging. Even the most basic of business IT infrastructures use email, office software and some kind of backup system, as well as storing numerous files...

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Google Plus to Close Due to Security Breach

Yet another digital organisation has become victim to security breaches, and as a result, the organisation is due to close over the coming months. Google announced this week that they will be ‘sunsetting’ their social network platform, Google Plus, over the next 10 months after the personal information of 500,000 users was put at risk back in March 2018. As...

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How ICT Solutions Can Keep Your Entire Business Secure

Your business is not only your livelihood, it’s also the livelihood of your staff and affects the lives of your customers and clients, which is why it’s so important to keep it secure and protect those that are involved in your business. There is a lot to consider when it comes to securing your business, from securing your IT infrastructure to keeping the...

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A Beginner’s Introduction to Microsoft Azure

You have probably heard the phrases 'software as a service' and 'cloud computing', especially if you have been researching IT support, used as though they were common, everyday terms. That is because, to people in our industry, they are common everyday terms. We get that this isn't the case for our customers and you can be excused for not knowing what they...

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How Valuable is Hosted Data Backup to Businesses?

If you’ve ever had that heart stopping moment when you’ve lost important data or had a close call you’ll know how valuable your data recovery plan was in this moment. Backing up data is a privilege that modern technology provides us with and long gone are the days of losing data for good which can severely impact businesses. But how valuable is hosted data...

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How a No Deal Brexit Will Affect How Organisations Use Personal Data

It seems like a lifetime ago that the UK voted to leave the European Union back in June 2016, and since then there have been negotiations to get the best Brexit deal for the UK. Theresa May famously said that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ and it seems that a no deal Brexit is highly predicted. A no deal Brexit would affect all arrangements between the UK...

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TSB IT Outage Scandal: How to Deal With IT Failures

The TSB IT outage has been ongoing since April and just last weekend the bank was hit with another IT meltdown which affected millions of customers and forced the CEO, Paul Pester, to step down. This crisis is an example of how not to deal with IT glitches and the need for proper planning, testing and backup plans if all were to go wrong. How did the TSB IT...

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