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Coronavirus and Cyber Attacks: The Knock-On Effect

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way that many of us live and work. Our homes have now been turned into offices and classrooms, and we're reliant on the internet more than ever before. With remote working fast becoming the new ‘norm’, cyber-criminal activity has also risen over the last few months. According to Action Fraud, there was a 400% global...

Online hacker targets confidential information or personal data during coronavirus pandemic.
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Top 5 benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for Business

Now more so than ever, businesses need to adopt technology to enable their workforce to work effectively remotely, and that’s where Microsoft Office 365 (formerly Office 365) for Business comes in. It’s never been so important for business owners to use technology to stay relevant in a rapidly changing, modern workplace, so read on to discover the top 5...

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How To Stay Safe Online

Keeping passwords, financial information and personal information safe in a digital world is an increasingly difficult task for both individuals and businesses. Sophisticated cyber attacks are becoming more and more common, with scammers and hackers often targeting vulnerable individuals. We've put together a list detailing how to stay safe online.

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Worst Data Breaches Of All Time

Living in a digital era, businesses’ online information is more vulnerable than ever before. Data breaches are happening on a daily basis and can be highly costly to companies who are affected. What is a data breach? A data breach is an incident where confidential and sensitive information is accessed without permission. Such breaches are a consequence of a...

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Staying Connected During Coronavirus

As the UK continues to navigate through the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, there has been a rise in the number of people working from home indefinitely. This inevitably means everyone is spending a lot more time online. With people now flocking to video conferencing services, gaming and streaming platforms (primarily Netflix), there are growing concerns about...

staying connected on wifi at home during coronavirus
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Working From Home In A Coronavirus World

Is your business ready for the Coronavirus? As the virus spreads across the UK the number of remote workers is increasing. It’s imperative that organisations prepare their IT systems. Here, we look at the best tricks and tips to help your staff work effectively from home.


5 Reasons To Get CCTV For Your Business

As you're probably already aware, CCTV is everywhere these days. As more and more businesses recognise that they help to increase security and protect their building from criminals. Here, we look at the top five reasons why you should install CCTV security systems for your business.

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