IT Support for Government

If you work in national or local government, and need to upgrade your IT, you’re probably juggling two irreconcilable necessities – getting a bespoke system that meets your needs and working on a tight budget.

Public finances are under significant pressure and you’d be better off keeping your money in your pocket than investing in a system that’s not fit-for-purpose.

At ICT Solutions, you’ll find our experience of working with a number of national or local government departments invaluable.

IT Services for Government

We visit you on site and survey your current system. From this we can see the pressure points and work out how the solutions you seek can be implemented. We know and understand your world, its constraints and challenges and offer a full service, including in the following areas:

  • Networking and cabling
  • IT software
  • Computers
  • Servers and storage arrays
  • Office peripherals and consumables
  • Telecoms
  • Audio/video 
  • IT support

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    To ensure our customers get the best deal, we offer our IT support in three different packages. Our bronze package includes unlimited access to remote IT support within the working week, while customers with more complex requirements can opt for silver and gold which includes different levels of on-site support.