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The Importance of Access Control Systems

9 May 2019

A traditional ‘lock and key’ is something that has been used for thousands of years, but in today’s digital age, it’s important to think forward and consider new, more secure technologies that will protect our infrastructure, resources and staff. One solution for this is access controlan updated and effective method of looking after businesses.

We’re going to explain the different types of access control systems available at ICT Solutions, and the importance of each one.


What is Access Control?

Access control, known alternatively as keyless entry technology, is a security measure that helps regulate who gains access to your office or building.


Different Types of Access Control

Here at ICT Solutions, we have a range of technologies with differing features and benefits. This includes:


a vector image of a key card

  1. Card Readers

Despite being the oldest of the access control systems, card readers are incredibly useful. Instead of a traditional key, smart cards can easily fit into your wallet and are less likely to go missing. They can also be reset and reissued within seconds, giving people access to different rooms in an efficient manner.


a vector image of a key fob

  1. RFID Technology (Radio Frequency Identification)

Simple but effective, key fobs using RFID technology are easy to operate, and can be specifically tailored to the user. This means that unlike a traditional key, an RFID fob can allow access to multiple rooms, but only those issued by the authoriser. This personalisation provides added security and peace of mind.


a vector image of a biometric fingerprint

  1. Biometric Technology

The most advanced of the three systems, biometric technology is often used in facilities that want a particularly high level of security. What’s great about it is that because of the identification process, there is virtually no chance of an unidentified intruder being granted access to the building. There’s also no risk of a trespasser entering an access point because of a lost/stolen card, fob or key.


CCTV Integration

To further enhance the security of your premises, you can also integrate CCTV into your access panel. This means that every time the access control panel is activated, it will trigger a video recording and alert a designated person. This extra measure has the potential to prevent any unauthorised access into your building.


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If you’d like to learn more about our range of door access control systems, take a look at our dedicated page. Here, you can also get in touch with us to discuss the requirements needed to fulfil your business’ needs.