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5 Benefits of Using a Wireless Network for Businesses

24 August 2018

In this fast pace world where we’re travelling around more, technology is developing at an increasing speed and businesses are multiplying thanks to social media and marketing trends, internet connectivity, the backbone of every business, needs to keep up with this pace. More and more businesses are choosing wireless networks over wired networks as there are so many benefits to this. ICT Solutions are a wifi installation company and specialise in designing and installing wireless networks to improve internet connectivity in businesses.

Take a look at the top 5 advantages of having a wireless network installed in your business premises from an expert wifi installation company.


1. Increased productivity

The more work that can be done and the more efficient this work is for your employees the better, as increased productivity means increases in profit. Wireless network allows for more efficient and faster productivity, not only in terms of internet speed but you also have the advantage of working at any time, anywhere. You’re not limited to normal 9-5 hours as employees can work remotely and still access data, emails and documents etc. This means that work can be completed ahead of time as there’s no need to be physically in the office. Employees can also share and collaborate information wherever they are in the premises.


2. Security

No matter how secure your network is there’s always a risk of it being hacked, however, wireless networks are pretty secure. You also have control of who can access your network, for instance, wireless networks allow guests to access your internet connection securely. You can also increase your security by acquiring our services such as anti-virus software, disaster recovery plans, data backups and 24 hour monitoring to ensure your business is always protected.


3. Scalability

Before you decide the type of network you’re going to have installed, you should consider how well this will adapt if your business were to grow. If you install wired network and your company expanded you will need to have more cables installed which can disrupt business operations and productivity. Wireless networks are fully scalable, so if your business were to increase or decrease in size your network is able to cope and, more importantly there’s no need for more installation work.


4. Cost Effective  

Installing wired networks can be quite expensive with all the cabling and the labour required to install this. Plus, as mentioned earlier when it comes to expanding your business and network there will be extra costs to install more cabling. With wireless networks there is just a simple one off cost upon installation and thereafter you won’t need to physically scale your network up or down depending on business needs. This so beneficial for businesses as cost is such an important factor when installing internet, and the lower this cost is the better.


5. Works for Multiple Devices

Wireless network is great for not only computers, but also mobiles, laptops, printers and much more. For businesses in particular wireless network works well for VoIP systems which are more reliable, efficient, mobile and affordable.


Using a Professional Wifi Installation Company

Wireless networks are so advantageous for businesses. You could save time and money and increase productivity and profit simply with a fast and secure wireless internet connection. Connectivity is so important for businesses so it’s best to acquire the expertise of a wifi installation company such as ICT Solutions to ensure that your wireless network is tailored towards the needs of your business and is installed to a high quality.

Here at ICT Solutions we follow four steps which ensures a quality installation from start to finish. Firstly we physically survey the site and then design your wireless network based on our findings, we take into account coverage, capacity, security and redundancy.   

Our expert engineers will then install your network with little or no disruption to business operations. Once implemented, we conduct a final site survey to ensure that the installation has been successful and everything is working as it should.

You can find out more about how we design and install wireless networks on our website and give us a call on 0151 230 2424 if this is something that would be beneficial to your business.