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Top Tips to Help You Tidy Up Your Cables

18 December 2023

We’ve all been there. You glance under your desk, behind the TV, or at that charging station, and what do you see? A tangled mess of cables resembling a plate of spaghetti gone wild! 

These chaotic webs look unsightly and can be hazardous and inefficient. This article dives deep into the world of cable management, offering you top-notch tips to transform that jumbled mess into a neat and organised system. 

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast with a dozen devices or someone just wanting to declutter, we’ve got you covered.

Identify Necessary Equipment 

First things first, roll up those sleeves and get ready to identify the necessary equipment. Start with a thorough audit of all your tech devices. It might surprise you to see just how many gadgets you own, and more importantly, how many you actually use regularly.

Unplug devices that are sitting idle most of the time. It will help reduce the clutter and save on energy costs. When deciding on what stays and what goes, be ruthless. Consider the frequency of use and the functionality of each device.

Ask yourself the hard question: Do you really need three different chargers in the same spot? Is that old printer still in use? Tidying up begins with recognising what is essential and saying goodbye to the superfluous. It’s your first step towards a cleaner, more organised space.

Set Up Enough Power Strips

Next, let’s focus on setting up sufficient power strips in your space. A golden rule to follow is to have enough but not too many. Power strips should accommodate all your devices without encouraging clutter. 

Remember to place them in accessible yet discreet locations to try to avoid a trip hazard, while keeping a neat appearance. You might opt for power strips with individual switches for each outlet, offering more control over which devices are powered at a time.

Consider the layout of your room and the best spots to house the power strips. Strategically placing them can mean the difference between a tangled mess and a streamlined, functional space.

Label the Cords

Sorting out a multitude of cables becomes remarkably easier when you know which cord serves what purpose, that’s why we strongly recommend labelling each one. You could try: 

  • Colour-coded washi tape: Assign different colours to different devices. This decorative tape not only keeps things organised but also adds a splash of colour to your setup.
  • Label maker or Sharpie: For a more professional touch, use a label maker or simply jot down with a Sharpie on a piece of tape. 
  • Cord identifiers: These are specially designed clips or tags with icons or space to write the device name.
  • Binder clips: Attach them to the end of cords and label the metal part, offering a dual purpose: managing and identifying.
  • Self-laminating markers: These allow you to write on a piece of paper and then seal it with a clear laminate for durability.
  • Wrap-around markers: Wrap around your cords and give plenty of space for detailed labelling.

Whichever method you choose, make it a point to label both ends of the cable for easy identification.

How to Conceal the Mess

Getting rid of cable clutter doesn’t have to be a headache. There are practical solutions out there that can help you maintain a neat and organised space. Let’s break it down into DIY solutions and products you can buy. 

For those who love a good DIY project, it’s time to get creative. Items like binder clips can be used to gather and organise your cables neatly. Velcro strips, zip ties, and One-Wraps are also excellent for holding cables together securely.

If DIY isn’t your thing, there are ready-made solutions available in the market. Look for products such as adhesive cable tidys, cable sleeves, or cable ties. These are designed to manage cables efficiently. Other options include cable covers and wire cable management trays, which can give a more professional look to your setup.

Go Wireless

In today’s digital age, going wireless is more than just a trend; it’s a functional solution to cable clutter. Transitioning to wireless devices, such as keyboards, mice, headphones, and chargers, drastically reduces the number of cables on your desk or entertainment centre.

Beyond just tidying up, wireless tech also offers freedom of movement and a more seamless user experience. Technological advancements have improved battery life and connectivity, making the wireless option as reliable as their wired counterparts. So, investing in wireless devices is a smart move if you’re looking to cut down on cables and elevate your tech game.


Tidying up your cables doesn’t just beautify your space; it enhances safety and functionality. Several strategies are at your disposal, from auditing your equipment to investing in wireless devices. DIY enthusiasts and fans of ready-made solutions alike have options to choose from. 

Remember, a clutter-free environment is not just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting a harmonised space for you! 

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