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The Benefits of AntiVirus Protection with ICT Solutions

8 February 2023

An AntiVirus programme is a crucial part of your cyber security plan and can detect, block, and protect you from malicious threats online.

Even if you are tech-savvy enough to evade potential threats through vigilance when operating your device, having an up-to-date virus protection system in place is essential for safeguarding yourself against online dangers.

At ICT Solutions, we’re confident that we can provide you with the best cyber protection available. We work with Bitdefender to offer superior threat detection and prevention. If you’re not fully confident that your current solution can protect you and your company’s data against cyber threats, we can help.

Why is AntiVirus Important?

Safeguarding your system from malicious attacks is far more efficient and cost effective than expending resources to remedy a compromised machine. A comprehensive security framework that can detect and defend against viruses will save you time, money, and the hassle of relying on costly post-attack fixes.

When it comes to protecting your customer’s data, it’s clear that your defenses must be as foolproof as possible. There are countless reports of companies who have taken a serious hit when it comes to their customer data being compromised and depending on how you store and use the data you hold, you may be a sitting target from those who would seek to steal it.

Some other consequences of not having robust AntiVirus protection include:

Lost Data

Poor virus security can have disastrous results, putting your entire computer system at risk. Should an employee mistakenly click on a malicious link, the consequences are severe – from total system shutdowns, to wiped hard drives and even wider-reaching implications such as infecting other companies and clients via the internet.

Lost Time

The loss of time is an all-too-common outcome when a virus becomes present. If a single machine or multiple devices are affected by the virus, strict protocol must be followed to protect your system from further damage.


Should the virus compromise your company’s data, reconstructing it could be a costly procedure. If you don’t have trusted IT professionals on hand who can tackle this task for you, you may be forced to engage with services which are not cost effective or who are able to future-proof against potential problems.

Server Hijacking

Cyber criminals can employ a captured system to crack passwords, mask their online identity from law enforcement, or even leverage your servers to bombard targets with requests and take them offline.

Stay Safe with Bitdefender

For over a decade, Bitdefender has been perfecting its antivirus and antimalware service to become an industry leader in threat detection. This is done by harnessing machine learning algorithms, process monitoring, content & device control – all of which allow the company to block the most complex cyberattacks from infiltrating your networks directly. Threats are identified and stopped before it’s too late.

Here at ICT Solutions, we work with Bitdefender as they offer unbeatable protection for your devices and data, without slowing down your machines.

Their features include:

Complete Anti-Malware and AntiVirus Protection

Malware is an umbrella term for all software programmes that carry out malicious activities without the user’s knowledge. Malware generally comes from hidden code in a system and spreads through email, operating systems (OSes), removable media or the internet.

With Bitdefender’s powerful blend of AntiVirus and Anti-Malware, you can rest assured that your security is intact. Its singular solution eliminates the need for multiple programmes, eradicating vulnerabilities and lowering costs with easy deployment.

Advanced Threat Security

Every app and process is inspected for suspicious activity such as copying files to vital Windows folders, executing or injecting code into other operations, multiplying them, or altering Windows registry settings.

After assessing each action and calculating the risk score for a process, when Bitdefender determines that the calculated score has reached a particular limit, it blocks any related application which is almost always confirmed to be malware.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

By consistently assessing endpoint activity, Bitdefender EDR can detect unusual patterns that could signify malicious acts or possible threats. This solution allows businesses to grow and remain secure from external dangers.

Virtualised Environments

With just one installation of Bitdefender on your Virtual Machine, you can protect an entire virtualised environment – allowing for optimal performance and user experience. Bitdefender has raised the bar in terms of virtualization security, providing cutting-edge protection for infrastructures without needing to invest heavily into hardware costs. Put simply: it gives maximum value with minimal financial commitment.

Full Disk Encryption

Full disk encryption (FDE) provides an extra layer of security which encrypts all data stored on a hard drive to combat unauthorised access. In other words, FDE shields the user by automatically encrypting data instead of leaving that decision in their hands.

Email Security

Malware, spam and phishing schemes have frequently utilised email to infiltrate unsuspecting victims’ devices. Attackers craft deceitful messages in attempts to persuade recipients into sharing confidential information or clicking on malicious links that install harmful software onto the device.

Securing your emails has never been more critical. Bitdefender’s email security provides a comprehensive rule builder that filters messages, monitors connection attempts to and from mailboxes, company-wide quarantining policies, spam and malware detection, and more.

Patch Management

Patches are new or updated lines of code that determine how an operating system, platform, or application behaves. Bitdefender offers a comprehensive and straightforward solution to patching, with the broadest database of Windows and third-party applications in existence. This not only helps you save time while patching but also reduces costs associated with it. Plus, you can be sure that your vulnerable applications are secured quickly.

Keep your business and customer data secure

Here at ICT Solutions, we take our cyber security very seriously. That is why we have chosen the market-leading Bitdefender as our provider – it consistently outperforms other AntiVirus solutions through its sophisticated detection and prevention technologies.

Boasting years of expertise and numerous industry awards, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands with us.

ICT Solutions offers a range of antivirus solutions tailored to the needs of business owners small and big. Get in touch to hear how we can support your business moving forward.