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The 5 Best Virtual Meeting Platforms for Small Businesses

30 September 2021

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented increase in the number of businesses relying on virtual meeting platforms to connect and communicate with their employees and clients.

Although many of us are heading back into the office, it’s likely that video conferencing is – and will continue to be – a crucial part of your business.

So the question is, what are the best virtual meeting platforms? In no particular order, we discuss our top five:

1. Zoom

Price: £0 – £13 per licence/per month

Zoom was particularly popular during the first lockdown, and it’s easy to see why. As well as holding meetings, users also have the option to share messages and documents through the Zoom chat tool – especially handy for those working remotely. With their free plan, you can conduct unlimited meetings with a 40 minute time limit. 

2. Microsoft Teams (Microsoft 365)

Price: Contact us to find out more

Microsoft Teams is a sub-feature of Microsoft 365, a flexible suite of collaboration tools that we can provide your business with here at ICT Solutions. With Microsoft Teams, you can hold meetings with up to 300 participants, share files (up to 1TB per user), record meetings, collaborate on documents, desktop share and schedule meetings directly from Outlook. 

3. Google Meet (Google Workspace)

Price: £0 – $8 per licence/per month

Google Meet is an updated and improved version of Google Hangout that is streamlined into Google Workshop. As well as its integration with Google Contacts and Google Calendar, it’s also the ultimate interactivity tool. It has a screen-sharing feature that allows users to showcase presentations, spreadsheets, documents or browser tabs to other attendees. Other features include image sharing, messaging and polling. The platform also assigns the user with an individual dial number so that online meetings stay private.

4. Slack

Price: £0 – £9.75 per licence/per month

Slack is ideal for businesses looking for a virtual meeting software solely for their internal team. As well as being able to connect with team members through Slack’s handy video and call tools (which have no time limits), you can also message each other, screenshare and organise conversations into dedicated spaces called channels. 

5. GoToMeeting

Price: £9.50 – £12.67 per licence/per month

GoToMeeting is a highly-polished meeting software with a long list of features, including end-to-end call encryption for extra peace of mind. It fully integrates with a number of calendars and platforms, including Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesforce and Slack. A particular perk of GoToMeeting is that you can take notes in real time during each call, which are then saved in the meeting transcript. 

ICT Solutions is here to help with all of your IT needs

We hope this has helped shed some light on the different virtual meeting platforms that are available to your business. 

ICT Solutions are the ultimate IT experts, so if you’re looking for Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud hosting, bespoke cyber security or other IT services that can help benefit your organisation, get in touch today.