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Cloud Based Software For Business: A Complete Guide

2 March 2018

Over recent years more and more businesses are reaping the benefits of using cloud based software, both in terms of financial gain and productivity. Cloud computing has significantly evolved over the past decade with it becoming a more predominant way of storing and sharing files, particularly for businesses. Businesses need to be able to store large amounts of data securely and to be able to access this information in an efficient way.

Cloud computing gives organisation to your business and allows room for financial and performance growth. The use of cloud computing by businesses has multiplied over recent years, and if you’re not currently part of the majority who are using this software, here’s why you should be.     


Efficient, Streamlined Service

Cloud based software takes your files away from your personal hard drive and devices and stores them in the efficient world of ‘the cloud’. Having all of your files stored on your personal devices is impractical and a recipe for disaster, particularly for large businesses. Storing thousands of files means it’s easy for information to get lost and can slow down devices, which in turn has an effect on performance and revenue. Cloud computing gives peace of mind that if information were to be lost, it is always backed up and recovered with the cloud.


Enhance Performance and Revenue Through Real Time Cloud Computing

With cloud based software, data can be accessed in real time from anywhere. Cloud computing offers flexible working for employees, so no matter where you or your team are you can work and access data so that performance is never compromised and your revenue continues to grow.

Applications that are on your personal server are not always updated or secure, whereas cloud based software automatically updates enhancing performance and security. If performance is at a constant high it is guaranteed to help revenue growth. Cloud computing is run by an internet connection that is controlled by out of house cloud software providers like us, ensuring that you’ll always have the latest updates.

Cloud based software also increases the performance of your team as it makes collaboration easier as you can share, access, and edit files with your team in real time.

cloud computing benefits


Peace of Mind With Greater Security

Businesses with sensitive data are exposed to security threats which is why investing in secure cloud computing is beneficial. If sensitive data is stored on your physical devices you are more likely to experience cyber attacks, and once your computers have been hacked your sensitive data is extremely vulnerable which can be costly to your business. Keeping your sensitive data offsite and away from your IT infrastructure will significantly improve security. No matter what happens to your computers and laptops you will always have secure access to your data.

With the increase in collaboration and numerous people having access to your data this gives more reason for tighter security which cloud computing can provide.


Hosted Cloud Computing With ICT Solutions  

In this competitive business world that we live in you would be at a real disadvantage if you didn’t put data in the control of hosted cloud providers. Small business can now work at the same speed as larger business without breaking the bank.

Cloud based software offers manageable payments and saves you money as you only pay for the resources you use. At ICT Solutions we offer a range of cloud services such as data backup, hosted desktop, hosted exchange and sharepoint with Microsoft, and hosted servers.   

microsoft exchange

All of our cloud services are scalable so if your business is increasing or decreasing in operations you’re able to scale your cloud capacity depending on your needs.

This is not an exhaustive list of the benefits of cloud based software as there are so many, which is why more and more businesses are choosing to switch to this type of computing.

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