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4 Reasons We’re Ideal For Small Business IT Support In Liverpool

1 June 2018

We provide IT support to clients, small and large, all across the UK. However, we’re particularly proud of the reputation we’ve built up for delivering small business IT support in Liverpool; our hometown and headquarters location.  

One of our main aims as an IT support company is to give our clients a bespoke service that is scaleable to their needs, ensuring that every client is happy with what they receive. As we work with a lot of small businesses, we’ve become pretty good at understanding how they operate and what they need from us.

Here are 4 of the main reasons we’re the perfect IT support company for small business IT support in Liverpool.


Our team of experts and engineers are knowledgeable in all elements of business IT, meaning we can support you with any problems you have, from networking to data storage. Instead of spending money on a salary for a dedicated IT staff member in your own company, you can spend less and receive the support of our whole team. In a way, we become your company’s IT department!

This is perfect for small businesses who require the advantages that IT support provides to get ahead of the competition but can’t afford to dedicate resources to building their own department.


Small businesses can’t afford to be left behind, they have to be proactive and forward-thinking to continue to grow. We understand this, which is why we refuse to be a passive IT support company, instead choosing to constantly monitor your systems and the wider IT world to anticipate and counter potential issues (or seize opportunities!)

With a proactive IT support company behind your business, you can rest assured that you’ll be making best use of the technology available to you, dodging potentially damaging mistakes and situations, and able to scale infrastructure up or down in short timescales.

Reliable and Local

All 3 of our tiered IT support packages give clients excellent access to support. Bronze and Silver clients have unlimited remote support and servicing 5 days a week while Gold clients benefit from year-round support. What makes us a really special choice for small business IT support in Liverpool, however, is our proximity for reactive on-site support.

We’re based in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool city centre with excellent access to all of Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, and motorways to the rest of the North West and the UK. This means that in the case of any emergencies, we can reliably be with you in no time at all.

Security Minded

As a small business owner, you probably feel as though you have a lot on the line so the thought of cyber attacks or data breaches might send chills down your spine. Luckily, here at ICT Solutions we’re very aware of the fears that cyber threats can pose to business owners and we’re keen to provide all of our clients with the greatest security possible.

Our IT business support is focused on cyber security, especially considering the security threats that the modern world presents. You’ll also be pleased to know we’re partners with two household names in the technology security industry – Symantec and AVG.

Choose ICT Solutions For Small Business IT Support In Liverpool

Although we provide the same great IT support service to clients all across the UK, this list has hopefully shown you how great of a choice we are particularly for small Liverpool based companies.

If you’re interested in learning more about our small business support or want to meet for a consultation or casual chat, get in touch with us today by calling 0151 230 2424 or fill out our online contact form.