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How Our Network Penetration Test Can Improve Your Security Awareness

8 June 2018

The possibility of a cyber attack is something that should be considered by all businesses and treated as a real possibility. You should have a number of procedures in place to protect your devices and data such as anti virus software, firewalls and hosted data backup, but you should also test the resilience of your security system if an attack were to occur.

The best method of testing this is by simulating an attack on your computer systems with network penetration testing. This is a new worthwhile service that we’re offering our customers, here’s our guide to network penetration testing.


What is network penetration testing?

Think of penetration testing as a full risk assessment of your security system that is used to identify vulnerabilities and show areas of improvement. Penetration testing has the ability to mimic sophisticated cyber attacks that can gain access to all of your devices and data. It also tests whether the defences you have in place to protect your devices and data are strong enough. The test will reveal where your cyber security measures hold up and where they are weak.

A penetration test is more in depth than a vulnerability assessment, with the tester taking on the role of a hacker and pre-empting illegal hackers by spotting security vulnerabilities and breaches before an unauthorised attack occurs.


Why does your business need network penetration testing?

If you’re investing time and money into your security system you want to ensure that it is actually working and if there is any room for improvement. Cyber attacks can be costly for your business so you need to ensure that the security procedures that you have in place are doing their job, and being aware of the risks to your company can help you to be well equipped before disaster strikes.

Penetration testing not only makes you aware of the potential threat to your business, it also enables us as a managed IT support company to improve and implement the very best and most resilient security software.

Network penetration testing is valuable to businesses of any size as it means that you’re getting the most out of your security system and what you’re paying for is being delivered to the highest standard. It gives you peace of mind that your business can operate without the threat of exploiting hackers.


Network Penetration Testing By ICT Solutions

Here at ICT Solutions our sole interest is ensuring that your IT infrastructure is performing optimally and is thoroughly protected at all times. The best way to do this is by getting into the mindset of the hackers themselves and identifying the vulnerabilities before the hackers do. With this said, we are now offering network penetration testing to our customers. We conduct the testing using a range of tools and the results can be found in the reporting stage which reveals any risks that can impact your business.

Following this we can then put in place measures to target vulnerabilities and reduce the risks. The threat of cyber attacks is very real and penetration testing is a reality check that all businesses need. To find out more about our new network penetration testing service, call our IT experts on 0151 230 2424.