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How to Improve Your Cyber Security in 2019

21 December 2018

Cyber attacks are an ever-increasing threat for businesses around the world. In the UK, it is especially prolific. The 2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey revealed that 43% of UK businesses who responded had experienced some form of breach or attack in that year. A significant 2018 UK data security issue was the British Airways breach, where personal and payment details were stolen after hackers retained control of the company’s booking system for over two weeks.

To increase cyber security awareness, we have compiled a list of three main threats forecast for the new year. If 2018 was unsettling, what is in store for 2019?


1. An Increase in Ransomware

This year saw cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum becoming a prevalent part of online business, but unfortunately online currency encourages cybercriminals to further their pursuit. Ransomware works by taking over a computer or network, shutting users out and encrypting files until a ransom has been paid. Often hackers will demand cryptocurrency, to allow for untraceable payments which permits them to discreetly carry on with their criminal activity. Although cryptocurrency value has decreased in recent months, its anonymity is too much for hackers to resist.


2. Data Manipulation

Instead of simply stealing data, attackers have become more sophisticated and now have the ability to alter data. Unaware that cybercriminals are subtly taking away information and altering it, businesses may go to release a product or service, completely oblivious to the hack. They then find that the data has been modified, with no trace of the original information – the result being disastrous financial problems and of course, a data breach.


3. Attacks on Cloud Storage

Businesses’ reliance on cloud storage is on the rise, and this growth is proving to increase the risk of cyber attacks. Cloud providers are regularly targeted by cybercriminal who are attracted to the wealth of data they could potentially obtain. Also, employees of these cloud providers often have access to massive amounts of information, and it can take just one rogue member of staff to cause a wide-scale data security violation.


What Can You Do to Prevent Attacks on Your Business?

It is clear that cyber security is more important than ever, and here at ICT Solutions we offer bespoke cyber security services for businesses across the UK.

Our services include:

  • Anti-Spam Software
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Secure Wifi with Guest Logins
  • Advanced Firewalls
  • Website and Data Backups


Our approach is to personalise our cyber security services in order to increase your data security and protect your devices, something that we will happily discuss in depth with you. 

If you would like to get in touch or request a quote, fill in our contact form or get in touch on 0151 230 2424.