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How Data Cabling Is Crucial for High-Speed Internet

25 February 2022

Most businesses now depend on the internet for communication and work in this modern age since many tasks are done online. For instance, running a company blog or website will require fast internet to send files, upload images, or just interact with customers on social media sites. 

But it is one thing to have internet and quite another to have high-speed, reliable internet because a slow internet service can drastically influence how a company achieves these goals. 

The speed of your internet depends considerably on how the cable infrastructure is structured. The internet runs through the cables to get to the devices such as PCs, Smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, etc., that the business requires to operate efficiently.

One hour of downtime for an organisation can cause a business to lose an extraordinary amount of money, but it’s possible to avoid such issues occurring for a long period of time with data cabling installation.

So, how exactly is data cabling crucial for high-speed internet? Read on to find out!

More Bandwidth Supply

Compared to older cables, structured cabling systems provide more bandwidth, allowing better internet performance. This ensures data transfer or loading times are faster because the Wi-Fi will be strong all the time.

Most new generation cabling systems use rapid fiber optic cables with a high bandwidth capacity. Applying structured cabling systems which run to the wireless access point guarantees that any gadget in the area using Wi-Fi will obtain access to the entire bandwidth of the system, ensuring you receive the best performance with no interference.

Additionally, the use of structured cabling also helps the company in making preparations for the future by providing extra capacity. As your company expands, you will be required to accommodate other connections and have access to more bandwidth supply. It is more economical to address these needs now than push them aside for another time. 

Fast Productivity and Reduced Downtime

The constant configuration of structured cabling systems also positively affects productivity and downtime, which is a significant factor in ensuring that your business expands. Poor internet connection and faulty cabling are among the top common causes of network downtime in businesses.

Fast internet speeds also play a crucial role in keeping staff happy, because no one wants to be impacted in their role by factors outside of their control, such as internet speeds. Speed and happiness can simply be translated into productivity, which brings another significant benefit!

So even though applying cabling systems may require a starting investment, the cost required will be cheaper than the cost-saving potential. By implementing structured cabling systems and well-planned infrastructure, your company will have high-speed internet, meaning a reliable and strong network, and you’ll also benefit from a productive and happy staff!

Enhanced Flexibility

Another benefit of structured cabling systems is how adaptable and scalable they are. In this business world, more and more changes come rapidly, and for your business to keep up you must be sharp and agile along with fast internet speed. Structured cabling systems are very easy to update, scale, and versatile since they can be altered to accommodate your requirements.

They easily and quickly adapt to newer services, providing the necessary infrastructure required to adopt and implement all emerging technologies, keeping businesses on top of their competitors. 

Reduced Electrical Interference

There is a concept known as “electrical bleed” which happens when one or more low-quality data cable is set next to the other. This can cause the electrical signal of one cable to bleed into the other, which means reduced slow internet speed, errors, and interferences. This will have an effect on the overall network performance and rocket the costs for your company. 

You will ensure that your company never falls back by implementing data cabling installation with the perfect combination of cables and the right equipment. 


In a typical company, countless devices and IT equipment can be running simultaneously, so having everything running under one, simple system removes the complexity of having several wiring infrastructures set up. 

For instance, if a problem occurs, it will be easier to identify and handle the issue with a structured cabling system, which means less time and saves more money in the long run.

When installed properly, a data cabling system can help run your daily operations smoothly. On the other hand, an unorganised cabling system will cause massive connectivity issues and slower speeds. Every structured cabling system is designed uniquely because businesses are managed differently and have different requirements. 

Here at ICT Solutions, we have been providing professional data cabling installations at the highest industry-compliant standards, to businesses in Liverpool, Merseyside and London for over 10 years. Our cost-effective network cabling solutions don’t compromise on quality, regardless of the size of your organisation.

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