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Google Chrome Makes Extensions More Secure

6 June 2019

A much needed privacy update

With a market share of nearly 70%, Google Chrome is the world’s biggest web browser. As well as its speed and simplicity, Chrome is also favoured because of its extensive extension gallery. There are currently over 180,000 extensions available, but over the last few years, some have been found to be storing malware, spreading cryptocurrency scams and taking an excessive amount of user data.

Google has recently revealed its plans to clamp down on rogue extensions, and as part of the overhaul, extensions will now only be able to request access to essential data. This means that developers will only be able to obtain data needed to implement the extension’s features, rather than a whole load of unnecessary user information.

Extensions must also come with privacy policies if they handle personal communications or user-provided content. Previously, this only applied to extensions that handle personal and sensitive data, but it has been further expanded so that more users will know how their data is being used.

According to Google, the changes are to come into place this Autumn. The enforcement date will be announced at least 90 days beforehand, giving extension developers time to prepare. Google has also made it clear that if extensions don’t comply, they will be removed from the Chrome Web Store.


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Whilst Google’s latest privacy update is a step in the right direction, the policy really should have been put in place before attacks even occurred.

Methods used by online hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and taking cyber security seriously is essential when it comes to looking after your business. To help protect yourself from all eventualities, we offer a series of security measures. This includes:

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