Case Studies

Case Study – Thrislington Cubicles Completes Full Network Refresh

4 March 2024

The Client 

Thrislington Cubicles, a longstanding partner of ICT Solutions, recently underwent a comprehensive network refresh, marking a milestone in our decade-long collaboration. As a subsidiary of Bobrick Washrooms, a prominent player in the US market, Thrislington’s commitment to technological advancement aligns with our mission to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions.

Over the years, our partnership has flourished, driven by a shared dedication to innovation and efficiency. Collaborating closely with Bobrick’s IT team based in the US, ICT Solutions, their UK-based Managed Service Provider, orchestrated a seamless transition to modernised infrastructure.

The Project

The network refresh involved meticulous planning and execution, with ICT Solutions procuring essential equipment and preparing hardware to meet Thrislington’s evolving needs. Here’s an overview of the equipment deployed:


  • 38 x Lenovo ThinkPad T14s G4 – i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Windows 11 Pro, 3-Year Standard Warranty
  • 57 x Lenovo T14 Port Replicator
  • 6 x Lenovo ThinkBook 16 Laptop – i9, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Windows 11 Pro
  • 12 x Lenovo ThinkBook 16 Port Replicator:
  • 2 x Lenovo MFF PC – i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Windows 11 Pro
  • 2 x HP M611DN Printer
  • 46 x Logitech Unify Keyboard/Mouse Set

Our on-site team meticulously implemented the network refresh, ensuring minimal disruption to Thrislington’s day-to-day operations. From procurement to configuration, every step was executed with precision, underscoring our commitment to delivering excellence.

The Results

The deployment of this state-of-the-art infrastructure empowers Thrislington Cubicles to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market landscape.

This successful project exemplifies the power of long-term partnerships and collaborative synergy. By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge solutions, Thrislington Cubicles is primed to achieve new heights of success in the digital age.

I wanted to say thank you to you and your team. We were able to complete a lot very quickly because of the hard work you all put in. Lois and Tom did a tremendous job of understanding our process and following it. Their hard work and professionalism simplified our project and made the process smoother. I recognize that Piotr had to take on a lot of other things while we had the rest of the team tied up onsite, please tell him thank you for me.

Choose ICT Solutions

At ICT Solutions, we take pride in our role as enablers of innovation, driving growth and transformation for our valued partners. As we celebrate this milestone with Thrislington, we reaffirm our dedication to empowering businesses through technology.

At ICT Solutions, we cover every aspect of consultancy, infrastructure design, sourcing, installation and on-going support. We work 365/24 to make it the best we can, and then some. For more information about our services and how we can help your organisation thrive in the digital era, please contact our friendly team today.

Additionally, Andy, and the whole site staff, had nothing but positive things to say about the ease of their transition/overall experience.