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Case Study – IWJS Limited: A New Chapter with ICT Solutions

11 June 2024

We’re excited to announce that IWJS Limited has successfully been onboarded by ICT Solutions. This marks a significant milestone for IWJS, a company renowned for its expertise in servicing wastewater networks and assets across the UK.

With over 40 years of experience, IWJS has been a trusted name in sewer cleaning, lining, and CCTV asset inspection and assessment.

The Client

For decades, IWJS has provided essential services in sewer management, waste handling, and industrial cleaning. Their dedication to maintaining the UK’s critical infrastructure has earned them a reputation for reliability and excellence. From intricate sewer cleaning operations to comprehensive CCTV asset inspections, IWJS ensures that our wastewater networks remain functional and safe.

In October 2023, IWJS embarked on a new journey of independence following their sale by M Group Services. This transition has allowed IWJS to steer their course and innovate their service offerings. Their decision to partner with ICT Solutions came highly recommended, reflecting their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance operations.

The Project

Collaborating with M Group Services’ IT provider, ICT Solutions developed a robust project plan to ensure a smooth transition for IWJS. The primary objectives were to detach IWJS from M Group’s IT infrastructure, establish independent IT systems, and seamlessly migrate IWJS’s data to the new system.

The new cloud infrastructure implemented includes:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium: Empowering the IWJS team with advanced productivity tools.
  • Microsoft Azure Files and SharePoint: Providing secure and scalable storage solutions.
  • Exclaimer and ThreatLocker: Enhancing email signature management and cybersecurity measures.

Upgrading Onsite Infrastructure

To complement the cloud systems, ICT Solutions also upgraded IWJS’s onsite network infrastructure. New firewalls were installed to bolster security, and Ubiquiti devices were deployed for switches and Wi-Fi across multiple locations. These enhancements ensure that IWJS’s operations are not only secure but also efficient and reliable.

The Results

The successful onboarding of IWJS Limited by ICT Solutions signifies more than just a change in IT systems; it marks the beginning of a new era of innovation and independence. As IWJS continues to provide top-notch services to the UK’s wastewater infrastructure, their partnership with ICT Solutions will enable them to harness the latest technologies, streamline operations, and deliver even greater value to their clients.

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