Case Studies

Case Study – Enhancing Efficiency and Cybersecurity with Microsoft 365 for a global law firm

17 August 2023

ICT Solutions have recently finished implementing Microsoft 365 and enhancing the cybersecurity measures for a law firm with offices in London and the US.

The Client 

ICT Solutions were approached by a global law firm specialising in complex litigation cases, who were facing challenges in managing their IT infrastructure effectively. With a significant increase in their client base and data volume, the firm was struggling to maintain cybersecurity, and ensure smooth collaboration among employees. To address these concerns, they partnered with ICT Solutions to implement Microsoft 365 and enhance their cybersecurity measures. 

Operating across multiple jurisdictions and dealing with large volumes of sensitive client data, the law firm’s previous IT infrastructure lacked the necessary features for efficient collaboration, data security, and centralised management. With growing concerns about cyber threats and data breaches, they realised the urgency of adopting a comprehensive solution to safeguard their data and streamline their operations.

The Project

Microsoft Teams: ICT Solutions facilitated the deployment of Microsoft Teams, enabling seamless communication, file sharing, and video conferencing among employees. This enhanced collaboration and improved productivity allows team members to work together more effectively, irrespective of their location

SharePoint Online: We leveraged SharePoint Online to create a centralised document management system. This allows employees to access, share, and collaborate on files securely, promoting efficient knowledge sharing and reducing the risk of version control issues

Exchange Online: By migrating their email system to Exchange Online, ICT Solutions ensured secure and reliable email communication, while offering advanced threat protection features to mitigate the risk of phishing attacks and malware

Azure Information Protection: ICT Solutions implemented Azure Information Protection to safeguard sensitive client data. This solution applied encryption, classification, and rights management policies to ensure data confidentiality and compliance with regulatory requirements

Advanced Threat Protection: To strengthen the cybersecurity posture, we integrated Microsoft Defender for Office 365. This enhanced email and endpoint security by providing real-time threat detection, phishing protection, and malware prevention

The Result

We implemented a Microsoft 365 solution to bolster cybersecurity measures, resulting in substantial improvements in efficiency, collaboration, and data protection. The comprehensive suite of tools and advanced security features empowered the firm to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, while complying with regulatory requirements. 

Microsoft 365 provided a scalable solution, allowing them to accommodate its growing workforce and adapt to changing business needs seamlessly. By leveraging the cloud based nature of the software, the firm has reduced hardware costs, eliminated the need for on-premises infrastructure maintenance, and minimised the risk of costly data breaches.

The law firm has now significantly reduced the risk of data breaches, phishing attacks, and malware infections, safeguarding sensitive client information and maintaining the firm’s reputation. The adoption of Microsoft 365 and its security features ensured their compliance with industry-specific regulations and data protection standards, fostering trust with clients and regulators.

By embracing technology, they have positioned the business as a technology-forward law firm capable of providing exceptional services to its clients while safeguarding their data and maintaining business continuity.