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Beware of Cyber Hackers this Christmas

19 December 2019

As you probably already know, December is one of the biggest shopping months of the year! Around this time, there is often a rise in cyber attacks targeting Christmas shoppers online. We’re going to look at the different things you should look out for to avoid getting caught up in any internet scams.


Close Up Of A Keyboard With HTTPS and HTTP Buttons With Lock Icons

Look at the web address

Check out the domain name, and see if it begins with HTTP or HTTPS. If it’s non-HTTPS, make sure you don’t enter any sensitive information as it won’t be encrypted. This basically means that your data could be intercepted by third parties when it’s being passed between the server and the browser you’re using. You definitely wouldn’t want that happening if you’d just entered your credit card details!


stack of different coloured credit cards

Pay using a credit card, or PayPal

If you want to be particularly secure, make sure to use a credit card when shopping online as you’re more likely to be protected. Also, your card issuer will be constantly monitoring your account, so sites that don’t meet sufficient security requirements won’t be allowed to process your transaction. 

PayPal is also a good option, as its secure system means your card details can’t be stolen by scammers.


anti virus software working on a computer

Keep your antivirus software up to date

This is incredibly important. Antivirus software acts as the “policeman” at the gate of your computer system. As well as protecting your computer from incoming threats, it also seeks out, destroys and warns you of other potential threats. 

At ICT Solutions, we offer managed antivirus protection to individuals and businesses all over the UK. The service is supported by our management via the AVG CloudCare platform, which includes some of these exciting features:

  • World-class endpoint security software
  • Identity protection
  • Password protection
  • Firewalls
  • AVG Online Shield
  • Automated remote scans and updates

Learn more about our antivirus software service today. Based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, we offer our services to companies all over the UK, and are here to offer you protection and peace of mind.