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Are You Compliant with GDPR?

20 December 2022

Any business or organisation dealing with personal information and operating within the European Union is subject to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. The GDPR governs the way personal information is used, and it provides rules and processes that businesses must follow to limit personal data usage. 

The GDPR is designed to give European citizens more control over their data and privacy and it came into law on the 25th of May in 2018, after undergoing four years of debate from 2012 to 2016. 

It was born out of the need to protect customer information and provide an environment where the digital economy could thrive; it is now currently one of the most robust rules in effect globally. 

Although most are vaguely familiar with the new legislation that has come into play, it’s vital that you are confident your business is complying with all of the new regulations in order to avoid hefty fines and/or legal action. Penalties can be up to 4% of your annual turnover! There are a range of elements to the GDPR bill which require ongoing maintenance and attention – are you confident that your business is up-to-date?

Importance of GDPR to Business

To determine if the GDPR applies to your business or organisation, you need to determine whether your processing activity is regulated or whether you are in the European Union jurisdiction. Processing activity entails collecting, recording, structuring, storing, alterations, uses, etc.

GDPR improves cybersecurity, reducing cases of hackers and other cybersecurity crimes. It has different policies and security measures protecting all networks, applications, servers, and infrastructures. It forces all organisations to follow and put all the security measures to avoid any risks associated with any data breach. It also improves brand reputation. Many large organisations like Yahoo faced data breaches where 3 billion accounts were affected, ruining their reputation. GDPR gives your users trust and confidence in what you provide, it conveys that you value their privacy and that your customers can confidently share their data with you.

Data Backup And Disaster Recovery

GDPR demands companies always have a plan for that worse-case scenario. In the case of a cyber-attack or data loss, companies should be able to provide users with access to data and the restoration of functionality, and most importantly, the peace of mind that their personal data is safely encrypted or unaffected by any malicious attempts.

Network Security

When dealing with data on servers, you need to protect them using different cybersecurity policies. Storing, processing and managing data on servers is a very sensitive process and could expose private data to malicious actors so it’s vital that you are employing the correct, relevant security measures to your network.

Mailing List Management And Upkeep

The regulation requires companies to let users know why they collect their emails and what they will use them for; this email data must then be used for the stipulated purpose only and not shared unlawfully. Making sure your subscription form and any subsequent emails are all in keeping with the GDPR regulations is ongoing work – if you are not following the necessary procedures, you must act fast when asked to by those affected.

Use Of Antivirus

Many companies use antivirus software to provide security to their devices and network systems and again, you must ensure they are GDPR compliant and continue to be so. Ensuring you have the correct level and type of anti-virus software is vital to protecting your systems, especially with increased hybrid working practices.


Are you confident that your business is fully GDPR compliant? 

Would you know the right procedure to follow if a customer or user had an issue with the way their data was being handled and used? 

Here at ICT Solutions, we know the law inside and out, and we’re confident that we can put the right policies and procedures in place to protect your business both now, and from a future threat.

Get in touch with our team today to find out how our GDPR compliance service can keep you compliant and ethical.