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Adidas Become The Latest Victims Of Cyber Attack

13 July 2018

Yet again, the latest news shows that no matter how big an organisation is it can still fall victim to cyber attacks and security breaches. Adidas, one of the largest sportswear brands in the world, has recently revealed a security breach in which personal data of their US customers has been stolen by cyber hackers. This latest incident reiterates the need for managed security protection that is robust and future proof. So, what does the Adidas cyber security scandal show us and how can you ensure your business isn’t the next victim of this crime?

Who was affected by the Adidas cyber security scandal?

The US website was targeted specifically and customer’s usernames, passwords and contact details were stolen but Adidas were keen to stress that there was no threat to customer’s payment details. The details of the attack are so far unknown in terms of who was behind it and how it occurred. What is known is that millions of customers were affected and Adidas are investigating this issue further and will contact the relevant customers who have been affected.

Adidas are not the only company to be affected by cyber attacks as Ticketmaster and Under Armour have also experienced security issues recently. Security breaches such as these can be catastrophic for business in terms of cost and reputation. Customers losing trust in your company is the last thing you want and when their personal data is compromised the reputation of your company is also compromised.

What is the response from Adidas?

Adidas became aware of the attack on June 26 and have since sent an email to their customers detailing their actions in resolving the issue moving forward. Adidas are ‘working with leading data security firms and law enforcement authorities to investigate the issue’. The email also stated that ‘Adidas understands the importance of [your] personal information. We take the protection of that information very seriously’.

In every organisation keeping personal data safe should be a priority. In the current climate this can be difficult as cyber attacks become more prevalent and sophisticated, however, there are measures that should be put in place in every business.

What can be done to prevent security breaches such as this?

Preventing cyber attacks is about always being prepared with managed security procedures. Managed IT support companies are the way to do this as they can help to ensure that this area of your business is never neglected.

Security should be a priority but not a worry as you should be able to run your business with peace of mind. At ICT Solutions we make this possible with our managed antivirus service. We use AVG Cloudcare which provides protection across all computers as well as the following:

    • World-class endpoint security software
    • AVG Online Shield
    • AVG identity protection
    • Password protection
    • Firewall
    • Anti-rootkit
  • Automated remote updates and scans

With a managed antivirus service we’re always on top of latest software updates and any risks to security.

Managed IT Support by ICT Solutions

Don’t let your organisation make the headlines for the wrong reasons and ensure that you’re not the latest company to be affected by security breaches. Acquire managed IT support today by calling ICT Solutions on 0151 230 2424.